The economic environment in Fair Oaks is quite stout. Income per capita and local median family income are both well above the national average. If you are going to be seeking employment when you arrive, the options are quite diverse compared to other areas in the state. Even though the largest portions of people work in the office, sales and finance sectors, sizable groups also partake in engineering, computers and production. Six public grade schools run by the San Juan Unified School District serve Fair Oaks' younger population, while those wishing to pursue higher education can do so at campuses such as American River College and SCU Sacramento.

If you are ready to make a change in your living situation and are considering the Golden State as an option, the town of Fair Oaks, California, in the northern portion of the state is a great alternative to the frequently hot and bustling southern half. Real estate in the area is not cheap, with the median home price sitting at around $350,000, but factors like safety, mild winters and well-manicured landscapes make it well worth the investment.

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