Florence is considered the economic center of the region. Originally built as a railroad cross section, the city has grown as a transportation and shipping hub. Major manufacturers, such as Honda, GE, Maytag and Dupont, all have production and distribution centers in the area. The region also hosts large medical providers, including McLeod, Carolinas Hospital System and HealthSouth. The high number of large employers lends Florence to see unemployment rates well below the national average, and because they are in the city limits, the average commute time is only 19 minutes. Beyond that, the smaller population density allows schools in the city to employ one teacher for every 10.5 students, so students have the advantage of more personal attention.

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Florence, SC, is a classic Southern town. It is the largest city in the county, and it is filled with residential homes that match the city's suburban feel. Few multifamily dwellings will be found here, as most of the homes are on quarter-acre or larger lots. A smaller population of 37,000 means space is abundant. Homes tend to be large and perfect for raising families, and front porches and friendly neighborhoods are the norm in this charming town.

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