It is likely you never thought of these eastern colonial towns and cities as a place to live, but residents of Frederick have been visiting the city's popular tourist attractions for years and years. You can live in this beautiful city for years and still have things to learn about it. From visiting the city's many historical sites that may be just within walking distance of your new home to participating in one of Frederick's many festivals and events such as the country's one and only high-wheel race, Frederick offers its residents many opportunities to expand horizons and get to know the early years of their country much better.

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Frederick, MD has been around for almost 300 years, having been originally founded in 1745. This colonial city has always been an important crossroads in the U.S., whether coming east to west or north to south, and the rich history of this small town of 65,000 people makes it a great place to live and remember what has gone on before.

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