Contained mostly within Fulton County, Atlanta is the county seat and the state capital. The city has evolved from a railroad pioneer to home of the world's busiest airport, developing into a diplomatic hub and a global base for multinational corporations. Some of the most active public transportation systems in the country continue to serve commuters, and an ambitious transportation plan includes calls for renovations to the city's cycling infrastructure. Dining and entertainment are plentiful in the big city, which is also home to three major sports teams with long histories. Families seeking a more small-town ambiance should consider settling in Roswell. The city's historic district is charmingly steeped in the culture of the south, while excellent schools contribute to its continued growth as a base for high-tech industries. Further north in Fulton County is the affluent suburb of Alpharetta, which is home to many nature parks, country clubs and equestrian events.

The heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Fulton County in north-central Georgia boasts a rich history and booming economy, which has contributed to rapid suburban growth. The residential properties are among the finest per dollar spent, with attractive yet affordable housing on wooded lots being commonplace. Offering robust city life, an active sports culture and a very reasonable cost of living, the area is ideal for families. The warm southern climate produces comfortable weather for residents while promoting beautiful forests and healthy agriculture nearby.

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