This well planned city is known for its lack of criminal activity, safety, and its thriving local economy. Grand Terrace is known as the Blue Mountain City and sits at about a 1000 feet elevation located between two mountain ranges: Blue Mountain on the eastern side and La Loma Hills on the west. Its neighborhoods boast clean streets and a very family oriented atmosphere, with some of the lowest violent crime rates in the state. With its southern-Cal location and its laid back, sunny vibe, Grand Terrace is a wonderful place to enjoy the natural wonders and local beauty of San Bernardino County in the southeastern part of the state.

Looking for California class without the sky high prices? Grand Terrace, California, is a great place to house hunt. The homes of Grand Terrace range from being luxurious to modest, embracing all of what California has to offer. From one story ranch homes surrounded by palm trees to family houses that make a great investment, the neighborhoods of Grand Terrace have a diversity that make them appealing to many.

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