Any mention of Green Bay would be incomplete without discussion of the Packers. The Green Bay Packers are an NFL institution with a huge influence on this town. The team, which is unique in the fact it is owned by the town, is iconic in the world of football. They have won multiple championships, including four Super Bowls. Even their arena, Lambeau Field, has taken on a storied significance the NFL and the town itself. The Packers are so respected and revered in Green Bay that their logo is part of the city seal. While living in this city, it is hard to not be swept up in the local enthusiasm for football. Loving the Packers is just a way of life is this small but vibrant city.

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The idyllic home of one of the NFL's most respected and beloved teams, Green Bay, Wisconsin, has a lot to offer. This small city with a national stage is a lovely and welcoming place to live. The homes available in this area are a great mix of newer homes and older styles. Whether you are looking for something classic and homey or a brand new house to call your own, you can find it in Green Bay.

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