Greenfield is a town that enjoys its well known annual festival, the Riley Days, an event each October in which several major roads shut down so that vendors and festivities can take over for a few days. One daily newspaper and radio station make local media accessible to the people of Greenfield. In order to accommodate Greenfield's rapidly growing population, there are four elementary schools, two intermediate schools, and one junior high and one high school. Many city parks and areas of recreation within the city limits serve as green space for the children and youth of the town.

In the heart of Hancock County, Indiana, lies Greenfield, a small town lined with family-friendly neighborhoods and attractive, affordable housing. The homes of Greenfield are modestly and charmingly Midwestern, sporting gently sloping roofs and many half upper stories. Red brick ranch homes dot the streets and subdivisions, while roomy bungalows abound and nothing is too far out of a budget-minded family's reach. Two to four bedroom houses are common within the tree-lined residential areas.

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