Gulf Shores is one of the hidden jewels of the south. While many tourists flock to beaches along the Florida coast, the lazy waters of the gulf are sometimes a forgotten alternative. As with many coastal communities, a substantial amount of economic support is generated from tourist dollars. The contributions from seasonal visitors may be a welcome addition during the summer months. However, those who choose to relocate to Gulf Shores will have the good fortune of having a quieter beach town at their disposal during the offseason. Population in Gulf Shores has essentially doubled between the 2010 census and the census immediately preceding one.

Temporary residents of a coastal town might prefer to own a condo for seasonal use while maintaining a larger primary residence elsewhere. While this option is available for prospective Gulf Shores' homebuyers, there are a surprising number of year-round residents. To that end, this coastal town has properties for homebuyers with seasonal or permanent objectives. As many of the modern homes have been built within the last decade, there are many dwellings with contemporary design. Houses closer to the water may come with structural reinforcements specific for protection of waterfront buildings.

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