While most of Western Maryland is more rural, Hagerstown is known for being the center of commerce and transit. There are multiple interstates that run through the city, railroads, and an airport. Because of the substantial railway travel through the area, Hagerstown is often referred to as the "Hub City." The town is very well known for its aviation heritage. Productions of aircrafts first started during World War I in the area. During most of the 1900s, Fairchild Aircraft was the prominent employer for town residents. Today, there are only a few aviation companies that reside in the area. Most of the residents work in industrial and transportation related capacities including textile, manufacturing, furniture, railroads, and automobiles. The city also has a strong agriculture presence that helps support the local economy.

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Hagerstown, Maryland is one of the largest cities in Western Maryland. The Hagerstown-Martinsburg metropolitan area is home to nearly 270,000 people, while the Hagerstown proper area has approximately 40,000 people. The residents of the city love the beautiful stone ridges that run through the town. Many of these ridges have Stonehenge limestone, and they add character to the homes and buildings of the area. Hagerstown is often compared to "Cumberland Valley" because of its beauty. The area is also filled with homes at affordable prices.

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