Hammond has a range of elevation moving from 577 feet to 610 feet. The city is within the boundaries of what was formerly known as Lake Chicago, and most of the city rests on top of a sandy soil with a layer of black topsoil. Most of the exposed sand has already been removed for industrial production purposes, and the city boasts close proximities to several rivers and lakes. Grand Calumet River, Lake Michigan, Little Calumet River, and Wolf Lake all find a part of themselves within Hammond's city limits, with Lake George and Oxbow Lake finding themselves entirely encompassed by Hammond. Nearby towns include Illinois cities of Chicago and Lansing and Indiana cities of Gary and Highland.

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Comfortably situated in Lake County, Indiana, Hammond is a city that is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. The population in 2010 was at 80,000 people, making it the most populous city in Lake County, trumping Gary, the previous owner of the title. Hammond houses are typically older homes with plenty of historical charm and prices that are hard to beat. Three-bedroom homes can be found for shockingly low prices alongside of more average-priced structures.

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