This city offers much in the way of entertainment and activities for residents of any age group. For children, Hampstead, North Carolina hosts the Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park, which offers a safe environment in which kids can run, play and enjoy rides and other high-quality attractions alongside their families and friends. For the young adult seeking nightlife in the area, Jebby's on 17 functions as a sports bar and regularly draws in large numbers of guests from the surrounding community, making it an excellent place to meet new friends. For those who prefer some peace and quiet during their dining experiences, The Village is an excellent option. It provides a calm atmosphere and simple yet delicious food for its patrons.

Hampstead, North Carolina hosts hundreds of homes for sale, all in different shapes, sizes and colors. Typically, most homes in the area are single family detached homes, and offer 3-4 bedrooms with plenty of outside room for a growing family. The price of houses depend on several aspects; these ranges can vary largely from $100,000 to over a million. However, the large variety provided for potential residents in the area ensures that everyone may find the perfect match for their family and budget.

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