There's a lot to do in the 3.7 square miles that make up Hanover. True to its title as the Snack Food Capital of the United States, there are various snack food companies and factories in and near Hanover, including Snyder's of Hanover, Wolfgang Candy, and Hershey Foods. Many of these factories give free tours. At the northern edge of the borough is The Golden Mile, a stretch of road a single mile long with many national chains for shopping and eating. Less than a mile north of that is The Markets at Hanover, a 50,000-square-foot Amish marketplace with over two dozen merchants and a variety of dining options. Pretzels are the thing in Hanover, so be sure to entice your friends and family to visit with a trip to Revonah Pretzel for either a crunchy or soft treat made by hand in the store.

For anyone interested in history and industry, there's a great little borough five miles north of the Mason-Dixon line known as Hanover, Pennsylvania. Everything that makes an old colonial town great is present, including a downtown square built in the mid-1830s. Even recently built homes and townhouses have a colonial style to reflect the history of this productive agricultural borough. Quaint single- and split-level cottages dot the landscape, and having a big family is no problem since homes from two to six bedrooms are readily available.

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