The modern and the rustic are well mixed in Harrisburg, no surprise since steel and agriculture are the main claims to fame. On the industrial side of things, you have Three M Tool and Harley-Davidson. The Pennsylvania Steel Alliance, of which Harrisburg is a member, generates more than $9.35 billion in revenue per year. Representing agriculture is the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest free indoor agriculture exposition in the United States which has happened every year since 1917. Just to the north is the tip of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a part of the larger Appalachian Mountains and featured in many country and bluegrass songs. True to its melting-pot roots, restaurants serving various international dishes are easy to find.

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As the capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg is home to a large amount of culture, agriculture, and industry; the three pillars to an active and prosperous city. Harrisburg has come a long way from it's early days. During the very first United States census, it had a population numbering 875, and is now home to more than 10,000 families. Beautiful properties, both historic and modern, are available for less than you might think for a capital city, and there are two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes along with unique, eye-catching townhouses.

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