In the 1700's, a large famer's market opened up in Henrico County. The nearly 300-year-old market is the oldest in the nation, and people in Henrico still flock to it to obtain fresh produce as often as possible. If you love football, you'll have a blast in Henrico. Although the Redskins play for Washington DC, their training camp is in Henrico County. During training season, you can pop by and watch them practice for the big game. The area is full of art and culture. In fact, there is a big mural project going on in Henrico. The project was designed to have murals painted on buildings around the city to add color, morale, and spread a love for art. Famous artists from all around the globe have come to Henrico to paint on the streets. There are many festivals in Henrico to attend when the weather is nice. You can find art festivals, jazz festivals, and many others. You'll meet local artists and have a chance to buy some of their handmade goods. In Henrico, your family will always have something to do.

The Frommer's list of best places to live includes cities all over the world. Richmond, Virginia, which is in Henrico County, is one of the only three U.S. cities on the list. Henrico County has homes for sale at virtually any price. If your budget is $90,000, or if your budget is $400,000, you will find a home for your family. Henrico has everything from ranch-style to colonial-style homes. You are bound to find a home that you love.

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