Henry County is made up of four different cities that span over 324 square miles. The entire county population is around 204,000. McDonough is a great city to raise a family in. There is always something to do. There are amazing restaurants, great places to shop, and plenty of events that go on throughout the year. The annual Geranium festival welcomes everyone to listen to music outdoors and browse different booths from local artists and crafters. It's a fun and laid back city that people of all ages enjoy. Stockbridge is another city in the county. It has several medical facilities and shops. There are subdivisions to live in all over the city. They range from a county setting with moderate-priced homes to gated communities with top dollar homes. Locust Grove is a small city with just over 5,000 people. It's the most southeastern metro area of Atlanta. The city has shopping, suburban homes, and a great community of friendly people. Hampton is the last city in the county. It was established in 1873 and known as the place where history has a future. There is a century-old train depot and a NASCAR speedway. Many people in town enjoy geo-caching and the jail house brewing tours.

If you love beautiful small town charm without breaking the bank, Henry County Georgia is just the place for you. A big home Is easy to come by, as Henry County is full of homes that are large enough for a growing family. It's easy to find a house with more than 1,700 square feet, and all for under $200,000. Most of the homes are made with brick, siding, or both. Whatever your taste may be, you'll find it.

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