The economy in Herndon is largely driven by technology companies. Companies such as Amazon, AOL, Verizon Business and Network Solutions all have offices or headquarters in the city. This means that prospects for employment are excellent. Being near Washington D.C. also provides incredible opportunities for both business and pleasure. Washington offers many different ways to earn a living, while also giving you a front row seat to see American politics in action. Being part of this environment is a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience that cannot be oversold. Living in Herndon allows you to experience the Washington D.C. climate, without having to spend your entire life dealing with the traffic and noise of the city.

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Technology, community and tradition are the main drives of Herndon, Virginia. This small town, which is part of the Washington, D.C. metro area, is characterized by distinct events and a dedication to maintaining a small town aesthetic. The homes in the area reflect both the traditions and the progress of the town as a whole. The wide ranging mix of new and older homes of various sizes and styles make it easy to find something you really love.

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