In addition to its prime location and stable economy, this city continues to develop due to the award-winning Hillsboro 2020 Vision and Action Plan executed by the local government. This led to more community enhancement plans, including the Walters Cultural Arts Center, several community gardens, and their professional baseball team named the Hillsboro Hops. The future looks even brighter with the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan, which 5,000 community members helped create with their input and ideas. It's no wonder residents take such pride in bettering their city, as they live in one of the country's most scenic areas. Views of majestic Mount Hood can be seen from building tops, nearby farms and wineries provide a vast landscape of lush greenery, and the rushing Columbia River offers a beautiful environment for both relaxation and adventurous watersports. Several nearby thriving metropolises are easily accessed through the light-rail system and intercity rail service that connects Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

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Nestled in the Tualatin Valley lies the growing town of Hillsboro, which is Oregon's fifth-largest city. Situated only 30 minutes west of Portland, Hillsboro continues to expand and offers a variety of neighborhood choices. Venture into the suburban Farmington neighborhood to find homes on quiet streets and a median real estate price that is more expensive than 71 percent of the other neighborhoods in the state. Alternatively, you can locate more affordable condominiums and townhomes in the SW Minter Bridge Road area, which is known to attract college students with its walkability and above-average crime safety.

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