Hockley was established in 1835 by George Washington Hockley, a man who served as Secretary of War for what was then The Republic of Texas. There is also a county in Texas named Hockley in his honor. For 68 years the Hockley Salt Dome has been a stable salt-producing mine, with no fires. Massive Halite crystal structures beneath Hockley are the source of this abundant flow of salt. The primary source of employment around Hockley is with the Southern Pacific rail line.

Hockley, Texas, is an unincorporated community just 36 miles northwest of Houston. There are a lot of really nice houses here, from cozy little places under $150,000 to some more expensive properties with several acres of land. Some of these are ranch properties that would be just perfect to build your dream home in or to even start a farm. The area is quite wide open with lots of room for development, and many of the more affordable properties for sale do not have homes on them-yet!

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