Houston is a deep-water port with all the industry and commerce that such a city can offer its residents and prospective employees. Major employers that call the city home number in the hundreds, but the energy industry remains the primary industry that the city is known for. Houston is home to fifty of the largest energy companies in the United States, as well as the food manufacturing and distribution giant Sysco. The city is also home to four independent state universities, as well as Texas Southern University, one of the nation's largest traditionally black campuses; The University of St. Thomas; and internationally renowned Rice University. Because of its attractiveness as a university, industrial, and port city, its residents represent a culturally diverse mix with a growing international population and distinct ethnic pockets. The city imbues more of the South, culturally and regionally, than many of the Western stereotypes might have you believe a city in Texas could be. Originally built alongside a series of bayous on reclaimed bottomland, Houston is bisected in several places by waterways, enhancing its natural beauty. It is also the largest city in the country without zoning restrictions, meaning that you can purchase your home near wherever you may choose to work, luxuriate in the lack of traffic that naturally accompanies the disbursement of industry throughout the metropolitan area, and rest assured that no matter what you need, it will most likely be available in your new neighborhood. Speaking of neighborhoods, most of the city's districts are either designated as being inside the loop of Interstate 610, or outside the loop. Inside the loop, you will find the central business district and the island cities of Southside Place, Bellaire, and West University Place. Outside the loop are many other island cities and other incorporated neighborhoods to choose from when you're looking to own a home in Houston. NRG Stadium homes for sale.

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Houston is the fourth most populated city in the U.S., and the most populated urban area in the state of Texas. Buying a home in the city puts you in the good company of more than two million people who are happy to call this great Texan city home. The city is named for General Sam Houston, who became the eventual President of the Republic of Texas. Moving to Houston, TX can be an adventure, and can help you find your way.

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