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The name of this town has changed over the years, from Eastborough to Feltonville, and then finally to the name by which it is currently known. This town has seen many transformations and was once known as "shoe town" for the large number of shoe factories that once resided there. The city has seen numerous turnovers, including having been devastated by massive fire damage on more than one occasion. On one of those occasions, the damage was caused by mischievous youngsters playing with sparklers. These days, the youth have been well-behaved enough to keep most of the city's structures standing. In fact, many of the city's youth are enrolled in local colleges and universities.

The largest number of homes in Hudson, Massachusetts have either three or four bedrooms. Home prices in Hudson are competitive when compared to real estate in other parts of the state. Generally, most of the residences here are approximately fifteen to forty-five years old. The style of the homes are indicative of the period in which they were built. Many homes in Hudson are built in traditional American and Cape Cod design.

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