This metropolis is extremely business friendly and is growing rapidly. With new jobs in the retail, office and industrial sectors being created daily, the city holds great appeal to individuals, families and businesses looking for a booming economy. On top of that, the city is ripe with budding innovators and entrepreneurs who are pushing boundaries and making modern-day progress. While Independence, Missouri, is experiencing its own growth, its proximity to Kansas City gives the town added benefits of its growing economy. Kansas City has really evolved into more than just an industrial sector, with its appealing downtown and budding cultural opportunities. Independence naturally benefits from all of the perks of Kansas City because it's only 15 miles away and is considered a satellite city.

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The city of Independence, Missouri, is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the state. It is located within the Kansas City metro area, making it a bustling hub of activity and a neighbor to all the big-city action next door. One of the benefits of living in Independence is the fairly low cost of living in this area of the country. The median income is right around the national average, in the $53,000 range. Plenty of spacious single-family homes with large yards are available for growing families. Home prices average under $100,000, which is lower than other areas in this region.

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