Jackson, New Jersey is a prime place to live. It carries the relaxing aura of a vacation with the warm, salty air mixing with the breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. Residents take long walks along the many trails in the city, and it isn't uncommon to find sport's enthusiasts around every corner. New Jersey has become popular for bicyclists, runners and speed walkers who spend their mornings on the streets of Jackson. It's quiet and serene within Jackson's many beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods, and bustling and busy the closer you get towards the famous theme parks. There's something for everyone in this city of nearly 55,000 people. The population continues to rise, as much as 28 percent in 10 years, as people realize the potential of this great city.

New Jersey is home to many families who crave space for their children to roam. Jackson, New Jersey is no exception. This charming city named after the nation's seventh president contains neighborhoods bustling with homes for sale. It's a family-centered community with large homes that boast spacious yards with plenty of room for the dog, the cat and even grandma and grandpa.

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