Johnson City is ranked as #14 on the list of Best Small Places for Business and Careers by Forbes and #5 on the list of The 10 Least Expensive Cities for Living in the U.S.A. by Kiplinger. The low cost of living in Johnson City has been attributed to affordable homes and utility, transportation, and health-care costs that are below average. Being both an exciting city to live in regarding jobs and careers, as well as one of the most affordable ones, Johnson City is the perfect location for people looking to save money and advance their businesses in a tremendous way. The city shares land with steep mountains, rolling hills, and breathtaking valleys which are all a part of the Appalachian Ridge-and-Valley Province. Other mountains and rivers find their homes in Johnson City as well, including Buffalo Mountain and Watauga River.

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Johnson City is located in a trio of counties in the state of Tennessee. Washington, Carter, and Sullivan counties all claim pieces of Johnson City, with Washington taking the biggest portion. By 2014 Johnson City had made a name for itself as the ninth-largest city in the state, and it is also the principal city of the Johnson City Metropolitan Statistical Area. Homes in Johnson City provide a pleasurably surprising value for the luxury that they offer. Most homes are of a more impressive vintage than most, and most have an affordable price tag that families will find easier to handle.

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