Located right smack in the middle of Austin and Dallas, Killeen residents have the best of both worlds. With their close proximity to these major cities, they are able to keep the affordable housing that they need while still having access to all of the nice shopping and entertainment that they want. Killeen houses a large portion of military families in the area with a sizable military base being stationed close-by. This aids in the town's lovely and welcoming melting-pot culture. With much emphasis being given to revitalize its historic downtown area, including adding its notable City Hall building to the national registry, Killeen has brought a lot of growth and building to the area making it the perfect place to bring your family for leisurely family outing on the weekend.

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With its ever growing population of 127,000+, Killeen, Texas is a booming, enjoyable place to live. Its low housing prices and affordable cost of living makes it an ideal place to raise a family. While you won't find many ritzy, downtown condos here, this central Texas city does offer many different styles of single-family homes. With ranch-style and two-stories being some of the most popular, you're guaranteed to find what you need in the sprawling suburbs of Killeen.

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