Knightdale's population grew more than 10 percent between 2010 and 2012, making it one of the fastest growing communities in that area. While the city's future looks bright, the area offers a rich history, which will delight history buffs. Many of the city's buildings are featured on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Midway Plantation House and Outbuildings. Buildings on these grounds were constructed in the mid-19 century and are situated on the wagon trail that would eventually become U.S. Route 64. Some of the structures on this property include a carriage house, a school and a kitchen. The Henry H. and Bettie S. Knight Farm was listed on the National Register for Historic Places in 1988. The property is a historic farm that was built around 1890; the property features two barns and a dairy.

Are you looking to move to an up-and-coming town that features parks, lots of recreational opportunities and a rich history? If so, Knightdale, North Carolina, might be the place for you. There are a variety of homes available to meet your needs, including single homes starting with 3 bedrooms. Houses are available with up to 5 bedrooms and up to 4 full bathrooms.

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