Lacey was initially called Woodland after the settlers who claimed the land in 1853. By 1891, however, the town was large enough to apply for a post office and was unable to do so because of a preexisting Woodland city. Thus, the city changed its name to Lacey, and has been known as such on into the present day. Lacey was officially incorporated in 1966, at which time it was primarily a commuter town for Olympia because of the main industries being in cattle, milk, and forest products. However, as of recent years Lacey has grown into a city in its own right. Business developments, emerging community groups, and steady population expansions have all aided Lacey in becoming the impressive and important city in Washington it is today.

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A green town rife with culture and Washington State's beautiful scenic views, Lacey is a dreamy city of opportunity and luxury. Lacey is located in Thurston County and has been established as a suburb of nearby Olympia city. Its population, according to the 2010 census, is around 42,000 people, and it provides plenty of lavishly structured homes and neighborhoods for its plethora of residents. Houses in Lacey run from moderate to expensive pricing, depending on their location, acreage, and size.

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