Lawrence is one of the best places in the country to find work. Unemployment is almost microscopic at 3.9 percent and the annual 3.3 percent job growth steadily contributes to the city's prosperity. The median income of $44,713 is enhanced by low cost of living. Education is thriving in Lawrence. Public schools see an impressive 14 students per teacher ratio, and over 40 percent of the adult population has completed a four year degree or higher. The presence of the University of Kansas offers world class education and supplemental programs for primary students.

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Home to the University of Kansas and less than an hour from Kansas City, Lawrence, KS, is the king of college towns. Housing variety is at its finest, including homes, lots, land, apartments, condos and townhouses. All are readily available, suitable for any living arrangement. The median home cost sits equal with the national average, but steady appreciation of 1.9 percent makes home ownership a sound investment.

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