League City features a massive 38,000 square foot YMCA facility named after Bob Perry, a homebuilder who donated one million dollars to its construction. It can be found at the League City Parkway, and it provides a nexus for families as well as singles in the area to engage in recreation outside of the usual grind of the norm. Between 2000 and 2005, League City overtook Galveston as Galveston County's largest city, and has experienced a tremendous expansion in population as well as an explosion in the job market. In July 2013 a financial website named League City the best city in Texas for people looking for jobs, and the city continues to advertise itself as such to appeal to newcomers looking for new adventures and life opportunities.

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Home to several waterside resorts and a population of around 83,000 people, League City in Texas is a city near the Houston metropolitan area boasting historical ties to Native American villages and a humid, subtropical climate. Homes for sale consist of multitudes of four-bedroom estates, evoking irresistible southern charm combined with modern comfort. Houses in League City breathe southern elegance and range in prices given their location and conveniences, starting at affordable numbers and increasing from there.

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