Lenexa ranks highly among its citizens in terms of satisfaction levels, having been recently voted the Kansas City metropolitan area leader in regards to overall happiness and contentment. A full 97% of the citizens voted Lenexa a good or excellent place to live, and that level of desirability has gone a long way into shaping the local culture and economy into a thriving, booming society. This all-American city has also been rated one of the top 100 places to raise kids, owing to its heavy emphasis on public safety, its numerous parks and trails full of natural beauty, and its school system that has access to three different districts and a number of private institutions.

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Lenexa, Kansas, is a town that appears both humble and grand. Boasting comfortable family residences that stretch their many levels over the Midwestern landscape as well as more unassuming houses that satisfy with their affordability, Lenexa is family oriented in its street layout and its culture. This Kansas gem features established neighborhoods that have developed a decades-long reputation for solid housing opportunities, steady growth and development, and safety, above all. In other words, Lenexa is a home buyers dream.

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