In the 1920s, the Great Depression - combined with a terrible fire in town - literally took Lilburn off the map. Since that time, it has grown into a close-knit community of 12,000. One vestige of its history is still present: Lilburn is and always has been a railroad town, with trains passing through on the hour. In fact, in 1910, the city was named after the railroad commissioner. It's a young, ethnically diverse community with a median age of 35. Lilburn is home to the largest Hindu temple in the U.S., and they host an annual Diwali celebration that draws people from all over the state and beyond. While Lilburn does have its own local attractions - the annual classic car show and the Lilburn Daze crafts fair are especially popular - it can also serve as a quiet respite from the activities in Atlanta.

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If you take a look at the current homes for sale in Lilburn, Georgia, you may decide to pack up and move sooner rather than later! This is an upwardly mobile community that features homes with significant square footage on generous lots. There's room to breathe and lots to explore in this appealing part of the Atlanta metro area. Not quite ready for a mansion? There are several lots available that would be perfect for building a smaller home.

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