Moving to Lincoln is a fantastic choice from a financial perspective. The unemployment rate is less than half the national average, while the median family income and projections for future job growth are above the national figures. The industries that employ the largest percentage of citizens are sales, finance and production, with divisions of the city and state governments being the largest single employers. Lincoln Public Schools will provide grade school education to any children you have, with six high schools in the district. If they decide to pursue higher education, local options include the Lincoln campus for the University of Nebraska and the Bryan College of Health Sciences.

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Lincoln, Nebraska is a great place to look for a new home for those seeking a metropolitan atmosphere coupled with the American Midwest's lower cost of living. The building style of the homes here is very much classic American, with plenty of warm earth tones and brickwork and a tendency for much of the square footage to come in the form of grassy yard space. If your budget is in the mid $100,000 dollar to low $200,000 range, you'll find something to suit your needs.

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