The varied landscape of the city of Lisle houses a range of activities for its 20,000 residents. Several museums and shopping centers offer exciting nightlife options as well as restaurant choices that leak out from Chicago. While Four Lakes Ski Hill gives outdoor enthusiasts a place to recreate, one of the most visited venues is the arboretum, with over 4,000 different trees and other plants from across the globe growing on over 1,700 acres. Year-round youth training programs are also available in sports such as basketball, baseball and fastpitch softball. Outdoor festivals and concerts are also frequent events and feature local artists as well as well-known musicians.

Those working in big cities are often on the lookout for smaller nearby towns to call home. Such is the case with Lisle, IL, a favorite residence of Chicago professionals. The Midwest influence is apparent here and spans the range of farm-style cottages with hardwood flooring to red-brick townhomes with white Southern pillars. With affordable options like 3-bedroom ramblers for less than $200,000 and pricier mansions at close to $1 million, there's something to suit every buyer.

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