Little Elm is divided into four neighborhood areas, with the downtown city area being the most affordable. In the northern Little Elm neighborhood of Navo, homes are bigger and come with a bigger price tag as well. Because of the population growth that has happened in Little Elm, much of the real estate is newly built and many residents are young newcomers to the area. Promising job prospects and excellent public schools combined with a low crime rate make Little Elm an appealing town for families with children or for individuals who are looking to raise a family in the near future. In fact, the FBI named Little Elm as the 2nd safest city in the nation and the safest city in Texas in 2013.

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Measuring 18 square miles, 14 of which is lakefront property, Little Elm was just a little town in big Texas-until it experienced quite the population growth in the past decade. In 2000, less than 4,000 people called this town home, but by the year 2010, the population was over 25,000. That population continues to grow today, due in part to the safe, family-friendly atmosphere that you can find in Little Elm.

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