The Livermore National Laboratory is located in the city. The chemical element, livermorium was named after this laboratory. In addition, the Sandia National Laboratories have a location in Livermore. Along with the local laboratories, there are many other businesses in the region. Top employers in the area include Kaiser, Topcon, Activant, US Foods, and Costco. Interestingly, the city is known for having a strong blue-collar element. There are also a good amount of professionals working in the area. Livermore is also one of the oldest wine regions in California. The local vineyards have been in use since the 1800s. The city also holds a world record for the longest lasting light bulb. In fact, the Centennial Light still burns today, 110 years later.

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Located in Northern California along the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area is the beautiful city of Livermore. This area is home to over 85,000 residents, and it is filled with beautiful homes and neighborhoods. There are several luxury residences for sale in this area of Alameda County. In addition, there are attached houses that make a great starter home. Several of the homes are beautifully designed, and the exterior detailing is particularly appealing to many homebuyers.

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