Liverpool is a fairly affordable area, with a relatively low cost of living. In the downtown area are the neighborhoods of Woodward and Galeville, where lower-priced, older homes are located. Many of the homes in these neighborhoods were built from 1940-1960, and they consist of apartments, condos, and medium-sized three to four bedroom homes. Liverpool's downtown area is an eclectic mix of homes and businesses, with restaurants and stores existing along residential areas and homes, which makes for a very walkable neighborhood. On the outer edges of Liverpool are newer and more modern homes, many of which feature more square footage than the homes in Galeville or Woodward.

Named after the famous city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom, Liverpool, New York, is a small suburban town located in the middle of the state of New York that measures less than a square mile in size. Nearly 3,000 people call this area home, which is conveniently located close to Syracuse, and many Liverpool residents commute to work in Syracuse, which is only 10 minutes away.

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