In 1838, the area that is now Lockport was a hub of activity during the time the Illinois and Michigan canal was under construction and in operation. Now, the remnants of its exciting history are available for residents and visitors to enjoy via four different museums. These museums are located downtown and are all within walking distance of one another. From casual pizza parlors to fine Italian restaurants, the downtown area also offers a great variety of dining options. Add in charming boutiques, home décor stores, and artisan craft shops, and it's easy to make a day out of walking around the area.

Located just 30 miles Southwest of Chicago in Will County, lies the historic town of Lockport, Illinois. Don't let the term "historic" fool you, though-Lockport is a burgeoning town, and there are new houses cropping up all over the city to accommodate this growth. New craftsman houses are available to be customized to your personal tastes. The town is also rife with beautiful ranch homes and colonial houses. With such a broad range of styles, you are sure to find what you're looking for here.

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