Officially named the "County of Los Angeles," this area has the highest county population in the United States. Available homes in the region are as varied and diverse as the residents. Many luxury constructions feature Spanish villa style roofs and layouts, a popular cultural influence from California's history with Mexico. Many modern designs feature spacious and plentiful windows throughout the rooms. These allow for beautiful, scenic vistas and ample daytime lighting.

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It's more than just LA; the county is also home to Long Beach, Glendale and Santa Clarita. In fact, Los Angeles County is home to 88 incorporated cities, 15 of which have populations of over 100,000. Los Angeles is the most populous, with nearly four million residents. In the United States, only New York City surpasses L.A. in its number of inhabitants. L.A. is well known for including Hollywood and ranking among the global leaders of filmmaking, television production, and music recording. Long Beach, the second largest city in the county, is about one-tenth the size of Los Angeles. However, because of its location, it has been nicknamed the "Aquatic Capital of America." The Port of Long Beach adjoins the Port of L.A. It covers about eight miles of land and 25 miles of waterfront. The port serves as a major trade gateway between the U.S. and Asia. Long Beach is also well known for its nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific, which features nearly 600 different species of aquatic life.

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