Originally inhabited by Native Americans, the area was formally ceded to the Colony of Virginia in 1721 and has been growing ever since. Jefferson claimed it was "perhaps the most rising place in the U.S" in his day and it grew to become a hub for manufacture and commerce. Part of the reason for its expansion is the excellent climate, with moderate winters and warm summers. The higher altitude also assures the hot summer days will be followed by much cooler nights. The rich vegetation of the state means you'll never run short of trees, flowers and green fields in your view.

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If you'd like to live in a city that's steeped in U.S. history, check out Lynchburg, Virginia. With homes dating as far back as the late 1700s, you can choose to actually live in your own little piece of the past. For those who prefer to be surrounded by antiquity without dwelling in it, there are also newer options with a more modern look. The friendliness of the residents combined with the low home prices make this one of the top places to live in Virginia.

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