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Presiding as the most northeastern point in the United States, Maine is overflowing with proud traditions and fun things to do. Homebuyers searching for foreclosed properties in this state can choose from numerous property types, from rustic Cape Cods with remodeling potential to cozy bungalows with friendly porches. Fittingly, colonial-style homes abound in the area, but other styles such as ranch or townhouse are also available.

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Maine's location on the Atlantic coast makes it a popular destination for watersports like boating, jet skiing and sport fishing. Its towns and cities offer interesting shops, cozy inns, scrumptious dining and quirky festivals. Lobster fishing has long been a crucial piece of Maine's heritage, and it still maintains a cultural presence with events like the Maine Lobster Festival, an annual multiple-day celebration in Rockland featuring food, concerts, rides, and vendors. The state's vast outdoor expanses hold activities for every season of the year. Scattered along the coasts are over 60 historic lighthouses. These beaches are perfect for a summer vacation or even a day trip. The rolling mountains and lush woods hold thousands of miles of hiking trails, including the starting point of the Appalachian Trail near the city of Millinocket. Autumn hikers have the chance to enjoy New England's world renowned fall foliage. When the snow comes, some of the mountain ranges become perfect for skiing.