This suburb is home to about 47,000 people, which is an amazing growth from its humble 1,000 residents in 2000. Maricopa's history has seen it in three different locations over the years, but even with those moves, Maricopa is one of the oldest communities in Arizona. Maricopa is not only steeped in history. It is also steeped in nature. It is in the Sonoran Desert and surrounded by beautiful mountains. With all of this amazing scenery it is no wonder that people love hang gliding and sky diving near the area. Maricopa is a community that focuses on its residents. That is clearly displayed in the Copper Sky Multigenerational Center. Here you can work out, enjoy grand green spaces, go swimming, enjoy a waterslide and partake in one of the many programs meant to enhance the lives of the residents of Maricopa.

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Maricopa, Arizona, is part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. As is normal in the desert setting, many of the homes here are Santa Fe style. Many of the homes in Maricopa are large on decent sized lots. If you're not looking for a single family home, you can also find condos, townhomes or apartments. When you walk through an average neighborhood, you'll see houses in varying shades of brown with desert landscaping and a few trees along the pleasant sidewalks.

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