Once a top contributor of produce and lumber, Marysville has transitioned over time to encompass a diverse, service-based economy, making it safer in terms of job security and investments. Local industries include health care, retail and social services, but a number of residents are employed in production and manufacturing too. With so many opportunities nearby, workers typically travel no more than 20 minutes each day using I-5 or the Everett Amtrak station. Furthermore, Marysville is only a short drive from Everett Community College, Seattle Community College and the University of Washington in Bothell, which shares a campus with Cascadia Community College next door.

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Commonly known as The Strawberry City, Marysville, Washington, is the second largest city in Snohomish County. Originally founded as a small trading post, it is now home to more than 62,000 residents. There is also a variety of suburban real estate, as well as more rural properties surrounding Mount Pilchuck. As a result, homebuyers can expect to find high-rise condominiums and townhouses throughout the city, along with large single-family homes and manufactured housing.

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