During the early 2000s, McKinney was one of the fastest growing cities in the country. In the mid 1800s, William Davis donated the land that is now called McKinney. Ten years later, the town was incorporated. Since its incorporation, the area has been a top commercial center in the area. In the early years, McKinney was filled with textile mills, farms, and manufacturing companies. Today, it has expanded substantially and is home to several different industries. Many of the town's residents work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The area has a humid climate, with several months of moderate temperatures. It is also home to many families and young children. A large portion of town residents is married, with strong values.

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Located North of Dallas Texas, McKinney is a popular city that many residents love to call home. The area is the second largest in population - next to Plano. It has over 150,000 residents, many who live in beautiful homes. The neighborhoods of the area are filled with character, and the homes are reasonably priced. Texas residents are attracted to this city for its beauty and large properties. You can also find an affordable starter home in this convenient location.

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