Situated ideally between the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina and the coastal cities of the eastern part of the state, Mebane is located in the Piedmont, non-mountainous region of North Carolina. Visitors enjoy the fairly short, mild winters and the warm summers. There is plenty to do outdoors at one of the city's many public parks, and there are more green spaces in the making within the recreation Master Plan for the area. While the downtown holds a shopper's paradise of antique galleries, high end home design stores, art galleries, and the latest in fashions, there are also plenty of convenience shops for daily goods and staples. An outlet mall is nearby for thrifty bargain hunters.

Positively Charming' is the motto of Mebane, North Carolina, and the words ring true, from the city's vibrant and growing downtown to the fully-equipped, expansive southern homes that populate its neighborhoods. The multi-story, modern residences of stucco and brick that characterize Mebane are at once affordable and luxurious. The city's homes are as burgeoning and family-friendly as the town itself, being the site of much growth over the last few years and only more to come.

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