Once of Merced, California's main charms is its proximity to some spectacular parks and attractions. This area is popularly known as the "Gateway to Yosemite" due to how close it is to the popular park - less than a two hour drive by car. This park is the perfect place for family vacations or a weekend getaway. It offers guests plenty of room to hike, camp, enjoy the wide open spaces and much more. For those who prefer fun in the sun, Monterey Bay and several other beaches lie along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, which lies only a short drive to the west of this bright and sunny city. Having such locations on hand can ensure that residents are never bored and always have plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun.

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Merced, California currently has many homes available for sale. Chiefly, these are single-family detached homes, though there are a few options for apartments available as well. The homes for sale range in price based on the size and year of construction of the house in question. Some of the older and smaller homes available begin at around $120,000, while newer or more spacious houses can be sold for upwards of $500,000. This large range in price can help to ensure that anyone looking to move into the area can find a house that's perfect for themselves, their family and their budget.

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