Merrillville was originally established as a prominent stop for wagon trains under the name of Wiggins Point. At this time, there were supposedly 16 trails that had stopping points in Merrillville. The town's current name was coined in honor of the Merrill brothers, Dudley and William who had established prominent businesses in the area. However, the town and its name were not officially established until 1971, and the area began to boom as a result of suburban migration for Gary, Indiana. Today, the town is a bustling center for retail trade in Indiana, and multiple streets house number of auto dealerships, restaurants, hotels and big-box stores. While the city does not possess the same heavy industry as the rest of Indiana, it is home to two significant corporations, NiSource and Centier Bank.

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Recently named the most populated town in Indiana on January 1st 2015, Merrillville is positioned in Lake County's east central area and is home to an estimated population of 35,246 people. Merrillville is also classified as part of the larger Chicago Metropolitan Area. The small community mostly provides single-family homes along with a small percentage of attached townhomes and row houses.

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