Mesquite was a very prosperous area of Texas during the late 1800s and early 1900s. There were several farming initiatives involving corn, cotton, hay, and sugar. The local farms would ship their raw goods through the railroad that ran through Mesquite. Because of the prosperity, the town quickly grew in population. Today, residents work in a variety of capacities. UPS, Sears, and Pepsi are just a few companies that provide jobs. The area also has multiple transportation options. Along with the railroad and major highways, there is an airport in the area. This airport is a popular destination because it is so close to the Dallas area and it has good prices on fuel.

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Located in Dallas County, Mesquite, Texas is a large suburb with nearly 140,000 residents. It is the 17th most populated city throughout all of Texas, and there are several affordable homes for sale. Residents love the beauty and affordability of the homes. Many are larger in size, with multiple bedrooms. There are also a few homes that are more luxurious. The homes are well designed, and they are particularly appealing from the outside. This is a great location for individuals commuting to Dallas for work and for families.

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