The 17th Street Canal is the border of New Orleans and Metairie. This canal flows into Lake Pontchartrain, offering unique beauty to the area. Metairie is also conveniently located. Visitors and residents can easily access top spots such as New Orleans International Airport. Other popular destinations include the Zoo, the aquarium, the convention center, and French Quarter. Metairie also has several fun parks and outdoor fields for recreation. The 130,000 plus residents that live in the area usually travel by car. The Jefferson Transit, or JeT, does travel through many neighborhoods. However, it is not available during holidays, on Sunday, or late hours of the night. Other main roads include Interstate 10, Veterans Memorial Boulevard, West Esplanade Avenue, West Metairie Avenue, West Napoleon Avenue, Airline Drive, Metairie Road, and Jefferson Highway.

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Metairie was the first suburb established in New Orleans. It is filled with culture, beauty, and history. During the 1760s, most of the residents of the area were farmers. Today, the area is much more urbanized. There are several homes available to purchase at varying prices. You can find a great starter home or a luxury home in this region. Most homes have a few bedrooms and are great options for a family.

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