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If you are looking to relocate, choosing to buy a foreclosed home could be a very smart decision. Despite that fact that these properties tend to need renovation, repair, and maintenance, with the right planning and research beforehand you can still end up saving a lot of money on a foreclosed home. There are currently several thousand foreclosures in Michigan, and taking advantage of one of them would allow you to live in a state with a rich industrial history and a vibrant cultural community.

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Michigan was the birthplace of the automotive industry in the early 20th century, and much of that history is still visible at a number of museums and historical sites. The Henry Ford Museum, Detroit Historical Museum, and Grand Rapids public museum all offer a look at the people and companies that helped to shape transportation technology, and ultimately, the future. Detroit, Michigan was also a landmark in the history of the music industry; in that the famous 'Motown' sound of the 1960s originated from a studio dubbed Hitsville U.S.A., a historical site since converted into a museum for public viewing. The Fox Theatre is another historic venue. Opened in 1928, it has played host to movies, musicians and theatrical productions, and is still in operation today. Nightlife is also not lacking in Michigan, with casinos such as the MGM Grand Detroit and Motor City Casino Hotel meeting everyone's entertainment needs.