Nearly 86% of the inhabitants of this coastal town are employed in the fields of sales, management, or other professional employment and many commute using the easily-accessible public transportation system. Middletown is serviced by New Jersey transit which connects Middletown to New York's Penn station. This connection allows for a broad range of employment opportunities along the eastern seaboard. Within Middletown, New Jersey, new residents have the opportunity to send their kids to public or private schools, both of which receive outstanding ratings. If you're a celebrity watcher, there are even a few actors and celebrity television personalities that hail from the city of Middletown.

You don't have to be in a New England state to have a Cape Cod home. These houses, inspired by regal British architecture are one of the many home styles that you'll find in Middletown, New Jersey. Craftsman-style homes built with all natural materials such as brick and stone are another staple of Middletown residential architecture.

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