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Buying a foreclosed house can be a good way to save a great deal of money if you plan properly and do enough prior research before acting. The maintenance and upkeep of foreclosures can be costly, but for a properly-informed consumer it may still be a wise choice. There are several thousand foreclosed homes for sale in the state of Mississippi, and there has never been a better time to discover the charms of the Hospitality State.

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With a history dating back through the Civil War and the American Revolution, Mississippi has many landmarks and historical sites tied to important points in U.S. history. Vicksburg National Military Park, the USS Cairo, and the Tupelo and Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Sites reflect some of the most intense conflicts of the Civil War. Intact antebellum architecture such as The Old Mississippi State Capitol, Beauvoir, and Longwood are representations of government and life before and during the conflict. Mississippi also played an important role in contemporary music history, playing host to the development of the Mississippi Delta Blues style that would evolve into modern rock and roll and become a massive influence on popular music for decades to come. World-famous rock performer Elvis Presley was also born in Mississippi. The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale and the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum honor this cultural history for public perusal. Mississippi also has a dedicated college sports fanbase driven by the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University.